Wildflower Season, Part Two

Asclepias sp.; a cluster of green flowers with a surprise bee friend.
Milkweed flower, Asclepias sp, an important plant for the endangered Monarch Butterfly
Milkweed plant, multiple clusters of greenish flowers and long, narrow, pointed leaves
Milkweed plant, Asclepias sp, with bonus pink flowers, possibly gaura.

I spotted this on my way home from work a couple days ago, and stopped the next morning to take a picture. It’s a beautiful specimen! Milkweed is a diverse family, and very important for the endangered Monarch Butterfly, and they only lay their eggs on these plants, and the caterpillars eat them. Mild toxins in the leaves build up in the body of the caterpillars, making the butterflies toxic to predators. I’m hoping the plant will last to go to seed, I’d like to harvest them to sow on my property for next year. *crosses fingers*