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Being Medicated: Keepin’ On Keepin’ On

I am on my third week on Wellbutrin, and so far, it’s still knocking it out of the park. I finished Ch51 last week, and it took me a couple days to edit it to send out to my beta. I actually finished the first editing pass last Friday, but I thought it needed one more, so I decided to do that after work.

Let me tell you, the difference in working with Wellbutrin and working after it’s mostly out of my system is like night and day. I was up until 5 a.m. (after getting off work at about 12:30) and it took me that long to read through a not-quite 7000 word chapter. My attention span was ALL OVER THE PLACE. It was frustrating, and the only thing that kept me from checking out of the attempt was that I’d told my beta I’d get it to her that night.

I gave myself a break over the weekend before diving into Ch52, but it took me until Tuesday to actually start. I’m not managing to write much on my days off–to be honest, I’m still having trouble getting my lazy bum out of bed–but the chapter is already about 1500 words. It’s going well, I think. I’m optimistic that I’ll get the first round revision done before fall. I’m shooting for an October or November release right now, but at the very least before 2019 starts.

*knocks on ALL the wood*

In more practical progress, I’ve made a list of WordPress themes to use for the AFWT website, though I’ll wait until I’ve actually finished the first round revisions before I mess around with installing it on the domain.

On other fronts…well, let’s just say art stuff is still stalled out due to lack of time. I did start working on my Christmas gift prep work for this year–accumulating reference material, brainstorming ideas, shopping around for the supplies that I don’t already have in my considerable collection of crafty junk. I even made a notebook on my iPad to sketch out ideas, though I haven’t actually drawn anything in it yet: see aforementioned lack of time. I’m using Inkflow, which has a terrible name, but is actually a very nice notebook app with a lot of useful features.

I’ve gotta get that in gear, I don’t want to make myself crazy like I did last year, waiting until December to start on the projects and having to stay up until ridiculous hours to get things finished.

*crosses fingers*

Still here, more or less

Sorry for falling off the edge of the world for a bit there…had a couple of pretty bad weeks, probably due to getting a bit off schedule with my medication. Spent most of it unable to get out of bed until absolutely necessary or rereading the fluffiest selections from my library instead of doing…well, anything. Then I decided I wasn’t making enough of an effort and when I finally made myself do that, I ended up having a very good week; finished ch47 (it was a difficult scene, lots of Feelings) and made myself get out of bed early enough to take walks every morning, which was nice.

The weather this week kind of screwed that over, unfortunately, but I have managed to write almost two thousand words of ch48. Not a great count considering I’m on vacation, but meh. Not gonna make myself feel like crap over it. Making an effort is hard work.

As for Being Medicated: the meds are helping me be less anxious for sure, and work has gotten a lot less unpleasant to deal with since I got over the initial brain fog period of adjusting to them. The depression part has been harder to kick, but since I decided to Make an Effort, I have been texting people more, and I got back on twitter again yesterday–tweeted some pix of the jewelry bits I’m making for Christmas, and of the unexpected snow we got last night. Creative stuff is still a little slow to get into, but I think I just need to get into the habit of it again. (Which is harder than it sounds, but I did it with writing, so I’m sure I can do it with drawing too. Eventually.)

In other news, it was my birthday last Friday, and I had a nice one; we went out for pizza and it was a lot of fun, I made myself a chocolate green tea marble cake, which was tasty, bought myself a bunch of books with the gift card my Mom gave me. Haven’t read any of them yet because Writing happened instead, but they’re in my library, anyway. ;p