A Tuesday

Tuesdays are always exhausting. We get our grocery truck on Thursdays, and as the person in charge of ordering and stocking the groceries (basically all the sale items not brought in by major vendors like Budweiser, Coca-Cola, or the other large franchises) it is my job to check it all in. I used to have help for this, but not currently.

Today was hazy and hot and muggy as hell, and the truck was a good three hours late, not arriving until almost three in the afternoon. Because they never actually arrive at the same time every week, this means I get there around noon, and may have to sit around for a couple of hours on a day like today, when they are catastrophically late. For some reason, they never let us know when they’re running late, we have to call ourselves. It’s annoying.

The sitting around doesn’t bother me so much–I do not have any internet at my house aside from the hotspot from my phone, which is throttled because our plan is old and cheap. I’m lucky if it will let me open up any site more bandwidth-intensive than a simple wordpress site. (Just for an example, it took about several minutes for it to load this page so I could make a new post. Ugh.) So I bring my laptop with me, and do all the Internet Things I can’t do at home. Today I did some editing, then wrote a little while I was waiting. (People kept coming over to interrupt me, so it was a very little.)

The real problem with them getting there so late is that the sun shines right in the windows all evening, so I got to stock twelve totes of groceries, plus the 40+ products that came in cases, during the hottest part of the day. Fun times. I am functionally dead now, suitable only for vegetating.

I have work in the morning, too, so there’s no time to get anything done tonight, even if I had the energy, since I got home around eight. I could poke at the manuscript some more, since I didn’t hit my ideal word count, but if I do that I’ll end up staying awake way too late, because I always do. I’m definitely a ‘time does not exist ADHD’. I’m just chilling on the futon in my studio, sort of watching Stargate SG1 on my phone while I type this. I’ve been watching it on and off on one of those free streaming apps; my attention span has been mostly non-existent for TV lately, so I usually just put on something I’ve already seen for the noise, which, lately, has been Iron Chef or Avatar the Last Air Bender, but I managed to watch most of Aquaman last night, which made me want to watch Stargate Atlantis again, but I want to at least get through the parts of SG1 before the spinoff first. BUT the first season is so bad, I’m slowly dying inside, the nineties were SUCH a bad time for female representation in science fiction TV. Like, I will stan Samantha Carter until the end of time, a true science queen, but so many problems would have been solved, narratively speaking, if they could have gotten away from the damn Token Female thing.

(The imperialism is…also not a good look. At least the show seems somewhat aware of this, though.)

(Aquaman was okay, but the CGI was…not very good. I can’t imagine it looked good on the big screen, when I was cringing through that first fight scene just watching in on the smallest phone screen currently available. Jason Momoa *almost* made up for it. Speaking purely aesthetically, he is very nice to look at, but they should have given him a better script, and beefed up the SFX budget. Also I’m just like. Not a big fan of the One True Good King trope. There was literally no reason why his mom couldn’t have taken the trident and become queen, except for the fact that the movie was called AquaMAN. She was a total badass, she deserved better than a standard Romantic Reunion with Joe Average Dude ending.)