Jelly Belly Boba Milk Tea Jelly Beans

I was shopping with my mother the other day and I found these.

A package of Jelly Belly brand jelly beans, boba milk tea flavored.

And, like many of the specialty flavors of Jelly Bellies, they were Not Good.

As follows:

Strawberry: I love strawberry flavored anything, but this tastes like they saved the strawberries in the back of a closet for a few years before they used them. Pass

Mango: I have never liked mangos. Mango flavor it depends, but like, every single mango I ever ate tasted like Pine Sol. These taste like Pine Sol by way of the mustiest corner they used the Pine Sol to clean.

Taro: I have never eaten anything taro before, but I would hope they don’t taste like purple dust.

Matcha: these were the least offensive, but as an aficionado of matcha candies, I am Not Impressed.

Thai Tea: True story, Celestial Seasonings used to make a Decaf Coconut Chai (Thai Style*) that was my favorite tea in the bag. It has been discontinued since about around Covid and I am sad. The flavor of these beans just makes me more sad, because it has none of the spiciness I remember enjoying at all. It just tastes like disappointment.