A much belated AFWT update

Chapter 13 is up, finally. Sorry for flaking, I seem to have had a depressive episode that intersected with some hardcore hyperfocus, and I basically spent the last three weeks obsessing over succulents. Yes, the plants. I’ve managed to accumulate quite a collection of them. Also seeds for my annual gardening project. (Wait, what about that purple garden—yeah, that’s still in progress. Tiger rose is still alive. Wisteria is hanging on by a thread; we’ll see if it leafs out this year before I say anything more.)

Expect pictures of all my recent acquisitions at some point, which include a raspberry bush, a couple of flowering cherry trees, and a kiwi vine. I also bought a lot of heirloom fruit/veg seeds. My plan is to make a vertical garden with scavenged/reused materials. Probably some raised beds and a couple of arbors too, because what else is Pinterest for but giving people grandiose ideas about what they’re capable of?

A Purple Garden

purple tiger roses

It’s purple and it’s TIGER why the heck wouldn’t I want this thing?

Purple is my favorite color, as anyone who has known me for more than five minutes will know. So when I saw these fabulous purple tiger roses, I just had to have them. But, not content to limit myself to a single purple flower, I also bought this one:
dark purple rose

Look it’s a ~mysterious purple~ rose

And a wisteria as well…

Been wanting one of these babies for AGES

And then I got to thinking that I already have a huge rosemary plant that is covered with purple flowers, and then I saw some seeds for a really cool purple columbine, so I bought those as well. (Though while I was outside planting the purple tiger rosebush they mysteriously vanished from the porch. Stupid wind blew them off somewhere. I hope I can find another packet.)

I bought a purple clematis too, but as I got that from Walmart, I don’t have a convenient picture to snark from their website, so you’ll just have to wait until it blooms. Which might be a while, since I have yet to plant the dang thing.

I’m wondering now if it’s too late to plant irises, because of the purple flowers, those are some of the nicest. I did get a mixed bag of anemone bulbs, not all purple, probably, but the pinks and reds should make a nice contrast, or maybe I’ll pot them and just transplant the purple ones in the garden.

Anyway, that’s a thing I’m attempting. It’ll probably be slow going since I have a bit of a black thumb and am almost incable of getting out of bed at a decent hour anymore–it is just slightly miraculous that I managed to get up early enough to plant the rosebush today. (I also bought and planted a Japanese Loquat just because it was there and sounded cool.) Updates as they happen! (Hopefully!)