Being Medicated Phase Two: An Update

I’ve been doing pretty well in general on my upped dose of Zoloft: writing more, being more social, getting out of the house on my days off. I feel more energetic (though that could be the prescription Vitamin D I am also on) and happier in general, and when I’m not it’s much easier to push past the negativity now so I can get back to what I’m doing without going into an emotional tailspin that sends me completely out of it for days.

Also, I can have caffeine again. Dark chocolate. Tea.


Which is good, because Zoloft is not without its side effects, and the one I’ve drawn seems to be…sleepiness.

On the plus side, this makes for slightly more restful sleep at night, though I still have nights when I lie awake and/or wake up repeatedly. I have also been having some very…odd sorts of dreams. Some of them have been quite intense. And the sleepiness hasn’t kept me from getting up in the mornings, interestingly enough. I’ve gotten out of bed before noon nearly every day (though some days it’s been only just before lolsob).

On the negative side, it means I spend a lot of time yawning and stumbling around/into things, and napping in the afternoons when I’m not working. But, as I said: I CAN HAVE CAFFEINE NOW!!!

I did have my first really bad patch since having my dose upped this week. Wednesday we were super busy at work, and Thursday I had to do a work-related thing that ended up forcing me to cancel my plans for my day off. (And it turned out to be completely pointless? Like, our store consistently scores very high in our image evaluations. My boss is so conscientious I could probably have taught the damn class myself without notes.)

I tried to treat myself to some shopping after, since I had to drive back though my usual shopping haunt, but it didn’t help. I also got yelled at for sitting in a chair I was considered purchasing and that was the opposite of help. So when I got back home I decided to lie down for a while and ended up sinking into a horrible funk and being basically non responsive to everything, and, consequently, getting none of the things I needed to do done.



I did try–got up about midnight and made myself eat and stared at Ch49 for a little while before giving up and taking some Benadryl and rereading something from my fave list in bed while I waited for sleep to claim me.

Friday I managed to get myself up in time to be practically productive if not creatively. I felt bad when I realized my sister had taken out the trash and cleaned up after the cats while I was busy being a semi-conscious lump, so I washed the dishes. Felt twitchy and anxious at work, plus we were super busy for much of the night. (Fridays. Ugh.) So I was exhausted by the time I got home. I basically just ate and went to bed.

HOWEVER. I feel back to normal today–worked on ch49 and everything!–so my fingers are crossed that the last three days were just a confluence of PMS and being way too busy at work and possibly also allergies messing me up.

*knocks on all the wood*